New learning avenue

Probably this is the biggest ever question faced by even developed countries. By 21+ it means, you have been graduated; by spending most of your parents’ savings & guess what you haven’t landed into the right job or worse, no job at all. Blame it to recession, field saturation, competition burst in your field, or sadly, “Man I haven’t chose the wise field for me”, “it’s out of my domain. I joined because my friends did the same”. Whatever might be your reasons, but the reality remains the same.

Is there is any solution?

Yes there is. The point is “are you willing to do that?” Do you know in what you are most interested? What drive you crazy other than your girlfriend? Maybe you are dumb at present academics; there must be something you really excel. There must be something, maybe your peers & parents recognize as ‘worthless’, but you are czar of that. None could play counterstrike better than you. You are the ‘night before exam star’, surviving, keeping your boat afloat or maybe you are an idiot, having too many doubts. The real mantra is identifying what you excel at. Always keep in mind; nothing is worthless in this beautiful, well connected world. So, don’t waste your time. You might be overflowed with the ideas that might have less retention probability. Take pen & paper n start jotting it down. If you are coming down listing less than five, KEEP DIGGING.

Okay, I wrote down what interests me most. What’s next?
Now that you know your interests, it’s time to enhance your knowledge, sharpen your skills with suitable academic credentials. Remember, it is of great importance if you are planning to enter job market. Since, you might be stuck up to present academics which don’t allow you to attend classroom programs. Here are some alternatives.
1. – It is one of the best competitive platforms which offer courses in various disciplines for free from varsities of highest repute. The general methodology is, they will upload videos on weekly basis; ask you to submit assignments (without copying!!) and one final test. The marking scheme may vary from course to course and you can check it on their course page. I would recommend you to take statistics course offered by Princeton University.
The list of choices is never ending. If you are planning to do MBA in near future or simply interested to know how financial markets work, I suggest this is the best platform where you’ll have an opportunity to learn accountingfinance from PrincetonYale & many others.

2.      edX – It is one of the best platform for science and technology & humanities courses offered by few of the renowned American universities MIT, Univ. of Texas  to name a few.

3. – It offers few interesting short term courses compared to coursera. They are innovative in ideas & offerings but the flip side is not all of them are free. Still, there is great no. of courses which are free & quite informative.

4.      Open2study – It is a consortium of Australian universities offering courses free of cost just like coursera. The courses are however short and fast paced. It offers variety of courses ranging from finance to humanities to health & medicine.

5.      OPENHPI – offers interactive online courses for IT.

6.      MIT – OCW – Not but the least. This is the place to get extremely good content for science & tech courses, however this has been side-lined because of its inability to interact. Still, it doesn’t depreciate its value. It offers video lectures of some of the legendary prof. for free of cost.

Final piece of advice:  

Please don’t enroll to too many courses at a time which you could not complete given in given time. It is free and not mandatory that could not be the excuse. Ultimately you will find yourself just downloading these lectures and stuffing them for after retirement entertainment. That’s not that amusing. Rather, take them seriously just like your academics. Complete assignment on time, take final test. That’s how you’ll earn a certificate of accomplishment. It is always good to go back and read some textbooks related to courses, recommended by instructor or google yourself for certain interesting basic books.


When I used to take finance– a coursera course, I had no idea about finance then and found few of things quite difficult. I search on web for elementary books and find this Learn to earn book by Peter lynch quite useful.    Hope this article answers few of your questions?


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